Frequently Asked Questions

What will my new Michigan Tech ID look like?
Your new Michigan Tech ID number will be a 9 character sequence starting with M and followed by 8 numbers. M-Numbers(M#'s) will be randomly generated.

How do I get my new Michigan Tech ID?
Your new Michigan Tech ID will be randomly generated and assigned to you on Saturday July 22, 2006. After that date, you can come to this web site and choose the "What is my new ID number?" link on the left. This link will ask you to log in using your campus username and password (same as you use for HuskyMail, Barkboard, or the Avenue). Once logged in, you will be presented with your new Michigan Tech ID number.

If you are on campus and unsure how to obtain your new ID, you can go to the Registrar's office(in the Admin building) or Tech Express(in the MUB) with your Tech Express ID card to obtain your new Michigan Tech ID.

What if my current Michigan Tech ID is already an M#?
If you currently use an M# as your Michigan Tech ID, your Michigan Tech ID number will remain the same.

When I fill out "bubble tests" how do I enter an M#?
"Bubble test" sheets are used in some courses for testing. This sheet usually asks that you fill-in your Michigan Tech ID number, but only has bubbles for the numbers 0 through 9. When entering your M#, fill in the 0 bubble for the M.

Who needs my SSN? Who should I give my SSN to?
Your Social Security Number(SSN) is required by some departments who report to the Federal Government. These offices include: Human Resources/Payroll, Financial Aid, Accounting, Student Records and Registration, and Admissions.

Where will I need to use my new Michigan Tech ID?

  • New students without a Tech Express ID Card will need to use their M# to obtain their first ID card.
  • Some administrative offices will ask for your Michigan Tech ID on forms and in person.
  • Course testing sheets may ask for your Michigan Tech ID.
  • In addition, students paying their bill online via check will need to enter the last four digits of their Michigan Tech ID for verification.

Do I need to get a new Tech Express ID Card?
No. Your Tech Express Student ID Card will not change. You will not need to get a new card.

I use my SSN for my password, are you changing my password?
No. We are not changing your password.